Christopher Dresser was born on the 4th of July, 1834 in Glasgow. He studied design early in his life at the age of 13 but was focused on botany, an influence that translates in much of his work. His botany illustrations are beautiful on their own and his work could definitely tempt the tattoo-impulsive. During his career, along with other contemporary artists and architect-designers, Dresser attempted to expand the design reform movement’s standards by advocating for greater originality in pattern design and greater invention in the treatment of historical styles, including Japanese design, which he became interested in during the 1860s. He travelled about 2000 miles in Japan in 1876/77 representing the South Kensington Museum while there, and was received at court by the Emperor who ordered Dresser to be treated as a guest of the nation, and that all doors open to him. His study of Japanese art and the influences he brought back to Europe with him became a major characteristic of the Aesthetic Movement, an intellectual art movement supporting the emphasis of aesthetic values over social-political themes in design, music, fine art, and literature.

His work included carpets, ceramics, furniture, glass, graphics, metalwork, and a variety of textiles.

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